Beach + Dogs = Happiness

Like many of you from the Northeast, I grew up spending my summer "down the shore" and visiting the Florida sunshine when snow was the only in sight during the winter.  My family is that family who sits on the beach from dawn until dusk and oddly none of us get bored, we don't complain, its definitely our happy place.  So what can make a the sun and sand even better?  PUPPIES! 

My husband and I share a mutual love for the beach and ocean and dogs, but he is a little less content with just vegging in the sand all day...he needs an "activity".  So, when we would visit South Florida we would always go to the Jupiter Dog Beach....and no, when we started this, we didn't have a dog.  But of course when we got our Frenchie baby Havana (who travels with us EVERYWHERE...more to come on that) we couldn't wait to take her to the dog beach!

Now, every time we visit Florida, we start our mornings with coffee, puppies, and the sunrise.  I'm determined to make this a permanent lifestyle one day, but for now, our few visits per year will have to suffice.