Anyone else LOVE to eat? Cook? Take pictures of every single thing you make and order?  That's me.

I can remember from a very young age spending time in the kitchen learning everything from my Italian mama! Thanks to her and my grandmothers, many aunts, and the Food Network, I developed a passion for cooking and eating.  The kitchen is my happy place and I'm always trying to come up with new ways to take the classics dishes I grew up with and add a healthy twist.  I also love to experiment with new foods, develop recipes, and get creative.  I was never good at art...literally was the one who got a bad grade in art class (if that's even possible).  Anyways, food is my form of art and I hope you can enjoy some of these recipes as much as I do!  

And...even if you don't like to cook, I've linked a bunch of pictures from my favorite restaurants around New York and all the places I travel!  

Buon appetito!