Hibba Beauty - The Best Brows of Westchester

If any of you are like me, you’re a total psycho about your eyebrows and one wrong wax or pluck can do a year’s worth of damage. My entire life I avoided getting my brows waxed because I would watch people go into salons looking like one person and come out looking like another (and not in a good way). Thin brows, they just aren’t my thing, but neither are overdrawn or perfectly lined. So, clearly I needed to find an in-between and I found my answer with eyebrow threading. 

Living in NYC I was able to find brow threading salons all over the place, but after moving to Westchester I quickly realized that brow threading wasn’t a thing yet.  In my year or so of living here, I found one place who threaded and only on Sundays, with an appointment, aka, not convenient at all. 

Then finally around the holidays I heard about Hibba Beauty opening up in Scarsdale and I was SO EXCITED!

 Hibba is a brow queen (as are all of her team) and they have two locations in Manhattan and now the newest in Scarsdale

I couldn’t wait to check out their new spot on Garth Road. It’s easy to find and so inviting with the brightly colored orange walls and the elegant pop of white stenciling throughout. When I went in I was greeted by Marcela who was so sweet and I immediately sat down to get started.

Now for those of you who don’t know anything about threading, it’s basically what it sounds like! They use thin thread to remove unwanted hair at the follicle level (just like plucking or waxing) but in a much more efficient and much less painful manner. It takes all of 5 minutes to get perfectly shaped brows and the more you consistently thread, the better your brows will be!

Unlike waxing, there isn’t the fear that they will take off way too much and you can tell the estitichian exactly what you like.  I always say I want mine “cleaned up” which results in even brows with no straggler hairs and a more defined shape.  Marcela gave me exactly what I asked for and I couldn’t have been happier! 

The other great thing about threading is that the redness afterwards is minimal compared to waxing and if you have dry skin (like I do) it doesn’t remove your skin as much as waxing does. You can thread and go about your day without needing to hide what you’ve just done...can anyone say lunch break?! 

If threading isn’t your thing, Hibba Scarsdale also offers waxing, microblading, and other services like organic facials.  I know I will definitely be back soon to try more services out and I can confidently say I’ve now found my go-to salon for brows...hallelujah!  

My post-threading brows…still maintained my natural shape, but just cleaned up and more defined!

My post-threading brows…still maintained my natural shape, but just cleaned up and more defined!

If you’re in the the Westchester or NYC area, be sure to check out Hibba!