Gender Neutral Nursery

As promised last week, I am finally posting a full blog post on my Gender Neutral Nursery! Now as exciting as it has been not knowing the gender of our baby, when it came time to figure out a nursery style, I panicked for a minute.  I think the commentary from others too asking me what I was planning on doing if I didn't paint it pink or blue also was freaking me out...but anyways, I decided I was going to figure out a classic and timeless gender neutral look for our nursery that would be perfect for a boy or girl and that we could use again in the future! 


I decided from the beginning that I wanted the nursery to be a very calming space, both for the baby and myself since I anticipate I will be spending a lot of time in there.  I didn't want it to feel overwhelming or too bold, just serene and a little escape from the other rooms in the house.  It all started with the wall color, I chose a very soft grey because it was both calming and also is a color that you really cannot go wrong with.  

Once the paint color was chosen, I moved on to deciding a "theme" for the space.  I was inspired by Pinterest in some ways and by pictures of baby jungle animals...they are just SO cute!  Then, one day, I was just strolling through the aisles of Home Goods and found these baby animal canvas prints...they were perfect! Using these canvas prints, I planned the rest of the room around them.  With home design, I find that choosing a piece to start your inspiration and working off of the piece, whether it's art, furniture, a pillow, etc. can help you stay focused in your design and also not become so overwhelmed by the process! 

Having found the canvas prints, over the next several months and in creating my baby registries, I slowly but surely added items I thought would fit.  Honestly, I really lucked out with my picks and I have to give a lot of credit to Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, and Home Goods! I pretty much found everything between these three retailers and Amazon was particularly great for finding unique pieces like the bedding, changing pad cover, and mobile.  Amazon also has really great prices on all things baby so I definitely recommend checking them out first and then always comparing the retailers, factoring in coupons you can use, etc. before making a purchase...I was also trying to be as budget friendly as possible! 

I've tried to capture all of the different elements throughout the nursery, but honestly, the pictures don't really do it justice in capturing the peacefulness and calm feel that I have every time I walk in! While grey and white were the primary colors I was using throughout, I also knew that I wanted some pops of colors and patterns to mix up the space a bit.

Obviously we all know I LOVE my gold every and anything, so I incorporated some subtle gold touches through the mirror, the throw pillow and through a few little accent pieces I found at Home Goods.  I also have a serious obsession with palm leaves (something you probably all know by now too) and when I found the palm leaf changing pad cover, I HAD to have it!  It worked out great because the green adds a pop of color to the room that is unexpected, but also not overwhelming or too busy! 

One last thing that was really important to us was to add a few personal touches.  We included two pictures of Havana above the changing table.  These were pictures we had taken at the dog beach in Florida, one of our favorite places, and somewhere we will definitely be taking the entire family on our next trip. We also found the cutest French Bulldog nightlight that we had to have!  Finally, adding in the Oh The Places You'll Go book was something I didn't plan on, but I found it while cleaning out a closet.  My aunt bought me this book when I graduated from high school and it has always held special meaning to me.  I cannot wait to read it and share it with the baby at story time! 

I've done my best to link all of the products from the nursery below!  Some of them are no longer available, so I've chose similar options and alternatives around the same price points! I've separated the accessories from the furniture to help with the ease of shopping this gender neutral nursery! 

  1. Newton Crib Replacement Cover - I've linked the Newton Mattress in #17 below, but we also ordered an extra replacement cover in case of a middle of the night accident. The cover is completely breathable and you don't need a sheet over fact, Newton recommends that you don't use a sheet, especially when the baby is younger to prevent any issues with breathability! 
  2. Changing Pad - This changing pad is great and under $20.  It also fits standard size changing pad covers, including the Palm Print one featured.
  3. Gold Mirror - The gold mirror we have in the room is an antique we found with the house, but I found a very similar style one on Amazon!
  4. Baby Safari Animal Prints - Like I mentioned earlier, the animal prints I have came from Home Goods, but obviously finding them may be a challenge.  However, I found the same prints (in a set of 6) online.  They are prints so will need to be framed, but they are just so darn cute, it's worth the extra work!  This was my plan before finding the canvas ones.
  5. Palm Print Changing Pad Cover - This might be my favorite thing in the entire room!  I love the splash of color it gives and it's also made from 100% Organic Cotton!
  6. Nanit Baby Monitor - Okay I am OBSESSED with the Nanit.  I cannot wait to use it, and here is why... I did a ton of research on baby monitors and wanted one that was compatible with my iPhone, had great reviews, and also can't be "hacked".  Yes, it's a thing, hacking baby monitors and watching your child as he or she sleeps.  I saw a news report on it and there are a ton of articles about it on's really freaky.  But, Nanit in creating their technology perfected this and has created a system where the software is encrypted so people won't be spying on your newborn.  It also monitors temperature in the room, as well as your baby's sleep patterns and provides you insight as to how your baby slept throughout the night (or didn't).  It's truly an advanced monitor and totally worth the price! 
  7. Leather Ottoman - This is obviously different from my elephant ottoman (which right now isn't available, but I've linked a similar option below) but this was one that I also loved and was debating getting.  The leather touch can give you a more rustic feel to the room if that's what you're going for! 
  8. Tree Branch Curtains - I found my grey and white tree branch curtains at Home Goods, but these are a very similar option!
  9. Oh The Places You'll Go - One of my favorite books and it looks great displayed in the room and gives a little pop of color!
  10. Diaper Genie - All of my mom friends said this is a MUST HAVE! It also comes in other colors, but I went with the classic white.
  11. Safari Animal Bedding Set - Finding bedding was a challenge.  I was HATING everything I saw in the stores, it was either too gender specific or too, just blah. But, when I found this one on Amazon I figured I'd give it a try.  Honestly it's even nicer in person than it looks online and I couldn't be happier with the purchase.  It comes with a quilt, crib skirt, and sheet.  Now I have the sheet on for pictures, but won't be using it until the baby is older.
  12. Elephant Ottoman - This ottoman is almost identical to the one in my pictures! And, even better, this one has storage and is slightly cheaper! A win, win!
  13. Safari Music Mobile - I also was on the hunt for a really cute mobile and this was another great Amazon find.  It matches the bedding set perfectly as well!
  14. Gold Leaf Pillow Cover - The one I have in the picture isn't available, but I found this one instead and kind of like it even more! It can be used to cover any standard size throw pillow.
  15. Chevron Fabric Tote Bins - These are similar to the pattern grey and white ones I have under the changing table.
  16. Patterned White/Grey Shag Rug  - Another Amazon find! This rug is super soft, I love the pattern, and it’s perfect for a gender neutral space. I recommend a rug pad underneath for a no slip surface and to make the rug feel even more plush.
  17. Newton Crib Mattress - I love everything about this mattress! Now it’s a bit of a splurge, but in my opinion it’s 100% worth it. This mattress is breathable, has lowest presence of VOCs and chemicals, and it can be washed entirely in a shower if baby has any kind of accident! It also fits a toddler bed so it can grow with your child through the years all while giving you peace of mind.
  18. Grey and White Cloth Hamper - This version is different than the one I featured but I love the pattern and the colors work perfectly! 
  19. Solid Grey Fabric Bins - These come in a set of four and are a nursery essential! I’m using them to store things like diapers, wipes, etc.
  20. Melissa & Doug Life Size Giraffe - This giraffe is so fun! It’s also huge standing around 4 feet tall and works perfect to fill up and empty corner.  But what I also love about it is that kids can grow with it and when your child is a little older, this is the perfect toy to play dress up with!